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  • Review – MPCustoms Automotive Accessories and Performance Parts

    MPCustoms Automotive Accessories and Performance Parts

    MPCustoms Automotive Accessories and Performance Parts is an Ohio based company that specializes in supplying aftermarket performance parts and accessories for most makes and models of cars and trucks. If you are looking to trick out your truck this is site to see.

    Truck Customizing Accessories

    Chances are unless you purchased your truck brand new and paid for all the bells and whistles you have a fairly plain looking truck. In order to add the wow factor you need to buy the extras and install them. They offer a wide range of both exterior and interior custom parts to make your truck stick out in a crowd.

    Exterior Accessories

    They offer accessories for most every exterior part of your truck from the grill to rear bump and everything in between. Whether it is a fancy chrome grill cover from Billet or slick looking window deflectors and visors. They also have fully functional step bars, running boards and mud flaps.

    They offer a couple different options when it comes to protection of the bed of your truck; bed covers or bed liners. Whether you want a Tonneau cover for complete protection or a bed liner that will only protect the surface from scratches.

    Window Tinting and Graphics is another popular way to both enhance the appearance of your truck while improving the comfort level inside by lowering the temperature inside several degrees. However, if window tinting is not enough, they offer stylish window graphics that have both the wow factor and the window shading.

    Interiors Accessories

    When it comes to accessorizing the interior of your truck they also offer an extensive selection of accents that will make the inside pop. Whether you want wood look accent pieces, custom dashboard bezels or custom gauges. You can really go wild with so many options to choose from.

    You can choose from a wide variety of custom floor mats and add a shiny set of custom Billet chrome pedal covers.

    LED Neon Lighting

    Now for some real wow, MPCustoms has a full line of custom LED Neon Lights that will really bring the attention to your truck, especially at night. Whether it is Neon or LED you’re sure turn turn a lot of heads with these very bright light kits. You can choose from a wide selection of LED Accent Bars, Mini Neon Tubes, Flexible LED Strips and so much more. Imagine the response when people get a look at your truck after you install some of their LED lighting kits.

    My Final Thoughts

    When it comes to customizing your truck you really have only two options; paying someone to do it for you or buy the accessories and do it yourself. If you decided the latter was the right choice for you, you need to find the right place to get all of the goodies you will need.

    The best choice for you is to take a look at what MPCustoms Automotive Accessories and Performance Parts has to offer. They have the largest selection of aftermarket custom parts I have ever seen. They have it all from outside to the inside you will definitely find what you like.

    I would highly recommend you check them on the Internet.

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    Review written by Jon Benton who is an online writer, blogger, and retailer reviewer.