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  • Moose Pak LLC Updates Logo Design

    So Moose Pak LLC  finnally got around changing our logo or updating our logo. We have been using the same logo since 2007 and we thought for the new year we could update it to become more recognizable for the company. The logo design includes Moose Pak LLC  in all capital letters with a new  “Moose” combination in replacement of the moose outline in the logo, as well as MPCustoms.com in smaller type under the logo design. The Moose Pak lettering also has been updated to a font that is more current, adding greater personality.

    In addition, Moose Pak LLC has updated its website to reflect the new logo change. The website is now, www.mpcustoms.com, and incorporates the new logo design element and color scheme. Currently the new logo as seen below will be a combination of black and grays, however future update may allow for more coloring.

    Moose Pak LLC Logo