Moose Pak LLC & Vinyl2Envy

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with VINYL2ENVY!

We are pleased to announce the strategic partnership between Moose Pak LLC and Vinyl2Envy.¬†During this past year, we’ve been committed to growing and expanding our automotive accessories lineup and commitment to our customers. Over the last year or so we have had a growing number of customers who are interested in car and truck decals for their vehicles and up until now we have been unable to fill this growing need. That is where our partnership with Vinyl2Envy comes in.

Vinyl2Envy is an upcoming small business located here in Westerville Ohio specializing in high quality premium vinyl decals for cars, trucks, boats and even homes. Their car decals are easy to install, custom sizes available, fast shipping, and made in the USA!

With our partnership with Vinyl2Envy we can start adding a long list of premium vinyl car and truck decals to our lineup. We can even put you in-touch with Vinyl2Envy if you want to create that special decal for your vehicle.

So we will be updating our website soon with Vinyl2Envy product, but until then feel free to check them out at –

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